Tuesday, January 08, 2019

It's time.... It's your turn: I've tried it!

The loudest sound you will hear is your heart racing, is the announcement of the Livewire Electric HD. I did the test ride when the project was launched. And it's true! It's a completely new experience. It's fun, of course, and no comparison to any other bike. 
The price is another surprise... I've never thought it would start at almost 30k. 

The LiveWire™ motorcycle to be available in select dealerships through North America and Western Europe in the fall of 2019. Select additional markets will follow.

Estimate range: 
The high-voltage battery, or RESS, provides an estimated 110 miles of range, measured using the MIC mixed-use cycle. Riding range estimates based on current SAE testing of LiveWire concept motorcycle. Actual riding range will vary based on several factors including weather and driving conditions

Charging options: 

The LiveWire™ can be charged at any compatible charging station, or with its on-board charger and a standard household outlet.

  • Level 1 (standard household outlet): 13 miles range per hour of charged.
  • Level 2: LiveWire can be connected to a Level 2 charge unit but will be charged at the Level 1 rate.
  • Level 3 (DC Fast Charge): 192 miles range per hour charged.
There is also a Connect Service: 

It is a technology that provides cellular connectivity that can link a LiveWire™ owner with their motorcycle through their smartphone using the latest version of the Harley‑Davidson™ App. H-D™ Connect allows owners to connect remotely to their LiveWire™ motorcycle and allows for viewing of key vehicle health information such as battery charge status. It will also send you security alerts if your bike has been bumped, tampered with or moved. GPS-enabled stolen vehicle tracking provides peace of mind. H‑D™ Connect also tells you the location of your parked motorcycle on a map, sends you automated reminders about upcoming vehicle service and a charge station locator. H-D™ Connect will be free for the first year. After that, there will be a subscription fee. Without the subscription that is required to maintain a cellular service, owners will not be able to take advantage of any of the remote status and security features.

Two exclusive paint colors (Yellow Fuse and Orange Fuse) are unlike anything else in the H‑D palette. They are finished to give the look of anodized metal. The LiveWire™ is also available in vivid black.

The Project Livewire can be reached here, the Portuguese version.